Volvo FH16

Volvo’s most powerful truck, the FH16, is the company’s flagship and rightly so as it combines cutting edge technology successfully with performance, comfort and style.

The FH16 is without doubt the pinnacle in long haul trucks, designed and built with attention to detail to meet demanding conditions.

The Volvo FH16 features the D16G engine with 600 hp and 700 hp variants. Volvo is renowned for world-leading diesel engines and the D16G is right up as Euro 5 compliant, fuel efficient and torque strong. This differentiates the FH16 from the rest of the FH which feature the 13 litre engine with 420hp to 520 hp variants.

The Volvo FH range features the company’s patented engine brake, the VEB+ (Volvo Engine Brake), with a unique camshaft design. When coupled with the I-shift transmission system and cruise control, this enables maintenance of a higher average speed without having to compromise on fuel efficiency or safety.

Distinctively Differentiated

As the flagship of the FH range, the FH16 has distinctive design elements which clearly differentiate it from the rest of the range and pretty much anything else in the long haul market.

The design is distinguished in anyone’s language. The colour is the first striking feature you notice. The colour is dark, very dark in fact and appropriately named, Mystic Fjord. A name which conjures thoughts of intrigue which draw you in, into the luxurious interior.

Subtle style touches further differentiate the exterior appearance with satin chrome finishes but the distinctive big grille remains as always and says it all when it comes to quality and prestige.

Luxury for the Long Haul

Inside the cab, comfort abounds to the point of luxury appointments. Spacious with plenty of legroom which is a necessity for long haul trips and plenty of headroom.

The unique seat design, upholstered in a combination of leather and fabric, enhances the premium style of this top of the range Volvo. Then there’s the Raven steering wheel, which is only available on the FH16 and the luxury finishes with unique door panels, stylish chrome trims, thoughtful inclusion of curtains and premium bunk upholstery.

A double bed is standard so the FH16 is perfect in the purpose meets function category, after all this is a long haul, overnight vehicle.

Luxury meets practicality and safety with dual armrests on the seats and neck support which can be adjusted without adjusting the entire seat.

Function Features

Not all the FH16 features are about appearance. The design of the side glass and large mirrors greatly enhance vision in all directions and fingertip driver controls make driving in congested traffic much easier.

While the Volvo FH16 certainly looks, feels and acts the part of flagship, astute operators will more appreciate the long-term implications of the engineering and technology which are intended to reduce costs over the life of the vehicle. More here:

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