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Utilising our truck lending calculator enables you to place figures to help determine payment estimations for the heavy goods vehicle you have your eye on. The lending calculator provides you with a great picture of what figures work best, which is easy, quick, and simple and can be accessed from any device online.

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DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

From your devices, it is easily accessible and simple to estimate figures and other features of the loan, term, or lending rates

the calculator maintains security and off-the-record privacy, with minimal time to estimate calculations. Say goodbye to long queues in line, time spent on the phone, and steering clear of unwelcome personal queries for a rough estimate of loan figures.

When using our finance calculator, there are a few things to remember: the loan estimates calculated do not imply an offer, an accurate credit quote, or approval of your application. The figure you enter as your loan amount does not include and possible expenses and figures which the bank or lender extending you a loan may charge. If you wish to have other expenses such as insurance, on-road and delivery costs, and any extended warranty included in your finance deal, allow for them when entering the amount to be borrowed

The figure you calculate is to be used as a guide or rough estimate only. Your confirmed payments may be less or more than the received estimation.

Interest-only loans are strongly advised to not be used. This is only for use in estimating standard loans and leases where the repayment of the amount borrowed can be calculated based on a set interest rate. It formulates lending rates over the finance term you enter, by compounding on the monthly basis.

For an accurate truck finance interest rate and a firm repayment figure for your heavy vehicle, get in contact with our commercial consultants about your specific requirements in regard to your business and the truck you are purchasing. We do not provide this calculator for customers to use as their only source of financial information. To assist with making your financial decisions, you may wish to consult with a licensed financial adviser

How Does Jade Truck Loans Get The Rates So Low?

High-quality amount of brokers as well as Finance Options available at our fingertips!

We have a range of lenders with finance options that our consultants can provide, giving you top-notch lending options Australia-wide.

With Australia-wide operations, we are fortunate enough to have professional lending consultants over diverse lending alternatives.

  • It is possible to amend interest from 5-17.95 percent for calculations as well as receiving variations in lending repayments. If there is unfamiliarity with presently brand-new and second-hand truck lending figures, our brokers are able to provide customers with relevant details for later on in consultation states.

  • The duration for the lending term can range from 12 mths to 7 yrs for a variety of lending types.

  • Several lending options include residual or balloon payments that are owing at finalisation of the term of the credit

    As a result, it enables a factor of early comprehensive lending from 10% to potentially 30 or 40%. The larger residual value, results in smaller the month-tom-month payments, however at greater interest.

    Bear in mind the finance calculator only takes into account interest rates and residuals and doesn't consider account costs connected to finance, with variations between lenders.

Finance Calculator FAQs

Our loan calculator is an essential bit of kit for anyone in the market to buy a new heavy vehicle. You can use it free of charge to calculate repayments on any number of pieces or equipment at anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection. We’ve detailed how it works on our web page but perhaps we overlooked a few areas. So we’ve addressed some additional issues in this section. Hopefully they will answer your questions so you can get calculating. If not, please give us a call so we can assist you personally.

  • The calculator is developed and formatted to calculate rough estimates only. The results you receive when you enter the amount and other details of your loan are only rough ballparks. The calculator doesn’t have the functionality to allow for fees and charges and for any special issues around your individual loan application. So be mindful it is an estimate. A finance quote you may receive may vary from the repayment estimate you calculated on the loan calculator. The calculator is provided as a general loan planning tool and a resource to assist truck buyers convert purchase prices to repayments on numerous trucks they are considering.

  • The calculator has a field for the balloon. This is a option on some commercial finance products and has different names for different loans. For Chattel Mortgage and CHP it is a balloon, for Leasing it is the residual. This balloon/residual is a percentage of the purchase price of the truck which is due for payment at the end of the loan term after all scheduled repayments are finalised. The balloon/residual is still financed and has interest applied to the repayment amount but you do not pay any principle until the end of the loan and that payment is a bulk payment. This can be refinanced (subject to lender approval), paid out or taken of the trade equity if you decide to sell or trade in on a new truck.

  • To apply for a business loan you will need to provide a minimum of a current ABN and identification. From there, it will depend on your individual business as to what financial information and documents you can provide for your application. The usual docs include financial accounts showing income and expenses, GST and BAS returns, income tax returns and profit/loss statements. If you don’t have all this documentation, there maybe a  No Docs/Low Docs option available. The lender or the broker will require what the details are of the heavy vehicle you wish to purchase or get a pre approval for. You will also be required to give consent for a credit check to be done against you and/or your company (if you are a company pty ltd structure).

  • Yes, in most cases lenders or finance brokers can offers pre-approved finance for both new and used truck purchases. But when buying a second hand truck, a pre-approved loan can be particularly helpful. Pre-approved loans are available across the full portfolio of loan products: Chattel Mortgage, Leasing, CHP and Rent to Own for both fully documented loans and for No Docs Low Docs and ABN Truck Loans. You complete the necessary finance application procedures, providing the documentation that you have and your consultant proceeds with the normal loan application process. Providing an indication of the type, age and condition of the truck you are considering is also preferred.