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Jade provides the choice of all commercial loan products. The selection of which is most suited to your business. Chattel Loan Mortgage, Truck and Trailer Leasing or Rent to buy is based on your business or company structure. Your Jade consultant will explain all the specifics of each product, in plain speak, so you fully understand every detail.

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Why Use Jade Truck Loans?

Cheap truck loan interest rates

We try harder for our customers. As professional brokers, we’re working for you and we use our negotiating skills and strong bargaining power with our vast selection of lenders to get you the best rates.

Your Jade consultant is only focused on your interests and has the skills and industry experience to know who will offer the best rates on your particular loan specs.

Using Jade is the right decision

As dedicated finance brokers, Jade Trucks Loans prioritises your interests, offering accreditation with multiple lenders and a commitment to securing the best truck finance deal aligned with your business goals, aiming to boost your profitability, all facilitated by a dedicated and knowledgeable finance consultant ensuring swift, tailored, and responsive service that respects your unique needs and delivers superior loans at competitive rates.

A company that delivers

We are not limited by lenders and certainly not limited to a specific truck type, make or model. From small, around-town pallet trucks, to tippers, dumpers and agitators, tilt trays, pantacs and curtain-sider to the largest semis, prime movers and B-doubles that cross the country, we provide finance deals for all trucks types for all industries. We offer truck loans on both truck and trailer combo and truck only purchases, new and used from dealers, private sellers and purchased at auction.
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Truck Financing Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia, with many attractive business opportunities for the transport and trucking industry. For Jade, the Brisbane and wider Queensland area has always been a strong transport leasing market. We have been arranging extremely attractive lending or credit deals for our local operators for well over 10 years and are extremely proud of the return business we receive. Astute operators know that Jade is the preferred truck loan broker for heavy vehicle finance in Brisbane by many leading transport companies. We are renowned for the better truck loan interest rates, our exceptional customer service, support and assistance throughout the Brisbane lending process and most importantly, for securing our customers the best deals.

Truck Financing Solutions in Brisbane

Choice Of Banks And Loan Companies

Jade sources from a selection of over 80+ banks and lenders, so you are assured that all options have been covered when we present you with our offer for your heavy vehicle purchase. An offer featuring the best truck finance interest rates, a loan term that suits you, a residual that suits you and monthly repayments that we have discussed will work with your cash flow. For Brisbane-based businesses, Jade is the choice you should be making for financing. We will set you up with a great deal so you are ideally positioned to capture the emerging opportunities in mining, agricultural, construction and other industries throughout Australia.

Multiple Banks and Loan Companies to Choose from for Truck Finance

Truck Finance Brisbane FAQs

With major transport links and hubs for key resources and agricultural sectors, we recognise Brisbane as a key truck market and ensure owners and operators are well catered for with easy access to professional truck loan services. In this section we’ve answered a number of questions specific to Brisbane operators and if you have additional queries, please contact us and our consultants will assist you.

  • Interest rates will vary across the different types of truck loans and from lender to lender. Truck loan interest rates are set by individual lenders based on a range of factors including the official cash rate, their costs of acquiring funds, exposure to the trucking and transport sector and their assessment of individual applications. To make it easy to see the different rates we are currently achieving, we’ve set up an interest rate comparison calculator. It shows the rate across the different loans we offer and will apply to most applicants. If you don’t have all the docs for a loan application or you have credit issues, the interest rate on your loan should be as shown but additional conditions may be applied to the loan. Finance is usually arranged at a fixed interest rate so once you have secured your finance contract, the rate and the repayments will remain constant for the loan term.

  • Truck buyers can select from the full selection of commercial finance products for both new and used truck acquisitions. These include Chattel Mortgage, Leasing, CHP and Rent-to-Own. Chattel Mortgage is often referred to as Equipment Loan by some banks and lenders. The different loan types have differing features and approaches in regard to treatment of GST, entry of assets on the business balance sheet, the way income tax deductions are realised and their suitability to either the cash accounting method or the accruals accounting method. For example, with Leasing and Rent to Own the monthly payments are tax deductible but with Chattel Mortgage the tax deduction is realised through depreciation of the asset when the end of year accounts are prepared. It is advisable to refer to your accountant in selecting the truck loan product.

  • In most cases that is possible. In the finance industry including the total amount of a purchase in the truck loan is referred to as no deposit finance. It allows the business to use their cash funds for other purposes rather than use funds to pay a deposit to the seller. No deposit finance is available from many lenders and is available for all finance products. This is distinct from any deposit that the truck dealer might ask you to pay to seal the deal. Often truck dealers will require some form of down payment before they will prepare a truck for delivery to the buyer. If that occurs, ask the dealer if they would return that deposit to you after the lender has settled payment for the full purchase price. If applying for a no docs, low docs or bad credit truck loans, some lenders may have thresholds and conditions as to the amount they will approve for the loan. In such instances, a lender may request the borrower to reduce the loan amount being requested.

  • The types of truck loans are the same regardless of where you are located or where the truck you are buying is located. The finance products for truck purchases include Chattel Mortgage, CHP, Rent to Own and Leasing. The interest rates on truck loans are not affected by location of the truck or the buyer. Lenders assess applications and prepare finance offers based on the credit profile and other aspects of the loan application and the age/condition of the vehicle if a used truck. Any loan you may be offered for your truck purchase should not be impacted by your location or the location in Australia of the truck. Some finance providers can arrange truck loans with a contactless process and provide a national service. If you require assistance with checking encumbrances and vehicle verifications on an interstate registered truck, your finance broker should be able to assist with those aspects for you.

  • As an owner-operator you have the choice of the full range of truck loan products including leasing, rent to own, Chattel Mortgage and CHP. To be eligible for business finance you will need to have a current ABN, ID and other financial documentation. The length of time you have been operating and the amount of financial documentation or docs that you can provide for your loan application will determine the terms and conditions of your truck loan offer. For businesses that operate as a sole trader with an ABN, have been trading for usually under 12-24 months and do not have the complete documentation requested by banks there are several options. These businesses can apply for an ABN only Truck Loa, a Low Docs or No Docs Truck Loan. These loans are usually not offered by banks but brokers have access to non-bank lenders that do offer such loans. The interest rate on these loans can be expected at the fully documented loan rate but additional conditions and criteria are usually applied by lenders. These conditions may include additional property being provided as security against the loan, a threshold on loan limits and other conditions. Refer to Low Docs Truck Loans web pages for full details.

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