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Cranes dominate the skyline of Australia’s major cities, a good sign that the construction industry is active and a constant reminder of the specialist role of crane trucks across many sectors. Such specialist trucks require specialist finance and Jade Truck Loans is the specialist when it comes to crane truck loans and finance.

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Why Use Jade Truck Loans?

Cheap truck loan interest rates

We try harder for our customers. As professional brokers, we’re working for you and we use our negotiating skills and strong bargaining power with our vast selection of lenders to get you the best rates.

Your Jade consultant is only focused on your interests and has the skills and industry experience to know who will offer the best rates on your particular loan specs.

Using Jade is the right decision

As dedicated finance brokers, Jade Trucks Loans prioritises your interests, offering accreditation with multiple lenders and a commitment to securing the best truck finance deal aligned with your business goals, aiming to boost your profitability, all facilitated by a dedicated and knowledgeable finance consultant ensuring swift, tailored, and responsive service that respects your unique needs and delivers superior loans at competitive rates.

A company that delivers

We are not limited by lenders and certainly not limited to a specific truck type, make or model. From small, around-town pallet trucks, to tippers, dumpers and agitators, tilt trays, pantacs and curtain-sider to the largest semis, prime movers and B-doubles that cross the country, we provide finance deals for all trucks types for all industries. We offer truck loans on both truck and trailer combo and truck only purchases, new and used from dealers, private sellers and purchased at auction.
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Expert Financing for Crane Truck Loans

Cranes dominate the skyline of Australia’s major cities, a good sign that the construction industry is active and a constant reminder of the specialist role of crane trucks across many sectors. Such specialist heavy vehicles require specialist commercial lending experts and Jade is the specialist when it comes to crane truck loans and finance.

We’re working with crane truck operators regularly, and we understand that many are owner-operators, self-employed and operating on tight time schedules. So when it’s time to upgrade and purchase a new crane truck, finding the time to devote to sourcing the best finance deal, can become problematic in finding the time.

Specialised Financing Solutions for Crane Truck Loans

Truck Loans Broker - Jade

Jade is a nation wide truck loans broker, we’ll solve that issue for you with our streamlined service. A simplified, straight-forward and no-messing-about approach, which both solo operators and fleet owners greatly appreciate.

As specialists in crane truck credit, we have access to all commercial finance products and will discuss the small print, details and benefits of each to arrive at a mutual decision, in consultation with your accountant, as to which is the best option for your business.

Chattel Mortgage Crane heavy vehicle financer and Leasing for Crane Trucks are the two most popular options and you can review the key features of each on our web pages. Essentially the differences come down to how your business treats taxation and GST. Once determined which works best for your business model, we proceed to source you an offer.

Expert Crane Truck Financing Services by Jade Truck Loans

Many small, solo crane truck operators with truck loan no docs, self-employed credit history or even as a start-up, no docs, get disheartened, frustrated and exasperated at the treatment they receive when they approach some of the banks and major lenders. At Jade, it doesn’t work like that. As experienced financial brokers, our priority is ensuring we get you a great crane  truck finance offer, regardless of such factors.


We understand both finance and the truck and transport industry. So even though crane trucks are a specialist sector and not the run-of-the-mill trucks, it doesn’t matter to your Jade consultant.


It also doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a new or used crane truck, from dealer, auction or private seller. The service you’ll receive is the same – personalised and tailored to your individual circumstances and aimed only at achieving the best crane truck finance deal for you.


If it’s time to replace or upgrade your crane truck or if you starting a new business as a crane truck operator, call Jade  on 1300 000 003 and we’ll arrange a great deal to support you and your business.

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