Tips for Truck Buying Holdups

The transport sector was hailed as a hero of the coronavirus crisis for keeping goods moving across the country. The surge in online sales and rush on supermarket essentials alone resulted in more work for truck owners. In the post-pandemic recovery phase, there looks like there could also be more work for truck operators with infrastructure and construction earmarked as major drivers and delivery services forecast to remain popular.

Given the industry's current prominence, new operators might consider venturing into truck ownership as a promising business avenue, making Truck Finance for New Business a vital tool. Existing truck owners might also contemplate expanding their fleets or replacing older models.

All this activity has the potential to create buyer traffic congestion. New truck manufacturers like, Kenworth or Volvo for example, sometimes need time to make your truck to your specs, could cause a backlog of order. Used truck are always in demand and the competition to score the best deals could be fierce.

Savvy buyers need a toolbox of buying resources that allow them to be first in quick to get the best deal on the truck they want. It’s all about saving time when buying your next truck and being prepared so you can make an offer and snap up the best deals before anyone else.

We provide these 3 tips on how you can divert around any traffic jams in the truck buying process.

Tip 1: Use Our Truck Loan Calculator

Easily narrowing down the list of trucks you’re interested in to what will work with your cash flow projections can save you a lot of time. Our Truck Loan Calculator allows you to do just that at the same time as you’re browsing trucks for sale online.

Our Truck Loan Calculator has its own webpage on this site so you can immediately put it to use in your truck search. It’s free to use, no obligation and you can use it on any device with an online connection.

The calculator can give you an estimated monthly repayment amount on a Jade truck loan based on the price of each truck you’re considering. This allows you to quickly both assess affordability and compare different makes and models pricewise or more specifically, repayment-wise.

While we stress that the estimate is only a ballpark and definitely not a quote or an offer of a truck loan it is a great tool for getting a rough idea of repayments without having to go through the entire loan application process on each truck.

You can use the truck loan calculator for as many trucks as you want. Compare models, compare manufacturers, compare new against used – all without having to contact anyone. You could be sorting your truck buying strategy while you’re pulled in at a truck stop or waiting for your load.

Flick over to our Jade Truck Loan Calculator webpage for all the details on how it works and don’t forget to read the disclaimer so you’re fully informed on its capabilities.

Tip 2: Use a Finance Broker

As finance brokers, we of course think this is a no-brainer. Less of a tip and more plain common sense and best practice for any astute business operator. If you’ve always gone to your bank to source your truck loans, using a finance broker will save you a lot of time and a lot of hassle. One call to Jade Truck Loans and we’re on the job to source you a cheap truck loan quote and you’re back to your job also. We do all the work including assisting with the paperwork and even liaising with the seller. We are accredited with multiple banks and lenders so we can quickly source you a quote after comparing what the market has to offer.

If you try to do that yourself, you could be off the road and on the phone for days!

If you’re competing with another buyer for say a private sale used truck, it’s likely to be first in who gets the deal. Private sellers especially usually like a quick sale. If you’re messing around with contacting several banks and lenders just to get quotes that you can compare while the other buyer just calls their broker and lets them do all that work quickly and easily – hello, chances are they’ll get back to the seller faster and you’ll miss out.

And we save our customers money by sourcing the cheapest interest rates and best truck loan deals on the market.

Just give us a call and we’ll get started on sourcing you a quote so you can be first in for the best truck deals.

Tip 3: Pre-approved Finance

Organising pre-approved finance for your truck loan could be your winning move in getting through any truck buying roadblocks. The process is the same as when you apply for a truck loan except pre-approved finance is organised on the basis of a price or loan amount rather than to purchase a specific truck.

You give your Jade Truck Loans consultant an idea of the price range of trucks you’re considering. The consultant proceeds to source you the best truck loan quote and once you accept that, we process your application to the approved stage. So you’ll know you have finance approved to a certain dollar value and can confidently make an offer on a used truck, bid at auction or negotiate with a dealer on a new model. Utilise our Truck Finance Calculator to further understand how your chosen loan terms and rates can impact your repayment plans.

Having a pre-approved truck loan organised through a truck loans broker – Jade Truck Loans – combines to give you a massive time saver when buying a new truck. You can get in first and avoid the hassles.

To discuss a cheap truck loan contact Jade Truck Loans 1300 000 003 and have an obligation-free conversation with one of our consultants.