Prime Mover Truck Loans

From daily deliveries, to intrastate and interstate runs through to long-haul, coast-to-coast, tackling extreme conditions in the outback and top end and negotiating congestion in the city, prime movers really do ‘keep Australia moving’.

With such wide usage across many industries and the versatility to adapt easily to hauling different load configurations, it’s not surprising that prime mover market is a highly competitive sector of the truck market. Buyers have multiple manufacturers, each with their own specific range of models competing for your business and with EOFY specials, plate clearances and dealer offers to attract buyers.

Freightliner, Hino, Mack, International, Mercedes-Benz, Fuso and Kenworth, all released new prime mover models in 2017-2018. But with top end models, both new and near-new, coming in at $250-$300k plus and even used models 10+ years old around $100,000 in the private market, a prime mover purchase decision needs to be matched with a highly competitive finance deal.

Competitive Truck Finance

At a glance the finance market may appear competitive – banks, finance companies, brokers – but when you weigh up the real benefits, costs and advantages, finance broker Jade Truck Loans leaves the others completely out of the race.

Jade Truck Loans has been providing not just highly competitive, but the best prime mover finance deals for over 10 years and we closely covet our reputation for the best interest rates, the best deals and the best service. We’re committed to keeping trucking businesses in business by providing workable, affordable and the cheapest truck loans and finance aimed at supporting your business for the long haul.

For a start, whether you’re buying new, near new or used, no matter how many klms it has on the clock and whether you’re buying from a dealer or privately, we don’t discriminate. We also don’t discriminate against new applicants, no docs, bad credit customers, so if you’re an owner-driver wanting to get into business for yourself or a large-scale fleet operator, Jade Truck Loans can assist you with a great prime mover finance package.

Just as you match your rig to your purpose, we match a finance package to you. We’ll provide you with a commercial finance structure which matches your business. Chattel mortgage, commercial truck lease, secured and unsecured loans – we can source the best package for you from many lenders representing hundreds of lending products. Something banks and finance companies, who are committed to themselves and their own corporate range of products simply can’t do.

Buyer-Oriented Service

As an owner-driver, you’re on the road for up to weeks on end, you don’t want to be wasting non-earning hours or days, chasing up banks and finance companies with your loan applications. Fleet operators, you’ve got a fleet to manage and time is money, so you want finance on your latest purchase to be arranged simply and easily and to meet your bottom line.

At Jade Truck Loans, we’ve structure our service around our customers. Your consultant is experienced in arranging truck finance, knows the difference between a prime mover, a tipper and a truck trailer, and is working only in your best interests.

We’ll handle all the paperwork, source you a quote, structure the finance – at our infamous best interest rates – and when you agree to the deal, we’ll even liaise with the seller to expedite the entire process.

You stay on the road earning, while we organise the finance to get you into your new prime mover quickly and easily.

Just give us a quick call on 1300 000 003, from wherever you are across the country, chat with our Jade Truck Loans consultant and we’ll get the ball rolling. If you’d like some sort of ballpark figure before you call, no problem. We offer a free online truck finance calculator so you can do just that and you can log on and use it whenever you want.