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The Premium Mack

For operators managing interstate line-haul, B-doubles, triple road trains, heavy haulage – all the major big haulage jobs, the Mack Super-Liner is top of their ‘wish list’. The Premium Mack, the Super-Liner has the proven power and the performance track record to get the job done!

The Mack Super-Liner simply thrives in challenging and demanding environments.

Powered by the 685hp M10 engine, the most powerful engine Mack has offered to date, the Super-Liner is designed and built in Australia, especially to tackle road train and heavy-duty applications, with legendary style and driver comfort.

Power and Performance

While the M10 is powerful, it has also been engineered to save on fuel costs and reduce emissions with the incorporation of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. A much appreciated development for all operators looking to save a few bucks.

To handle the M10, the Super-Liner features Mack’s own mDRIVE transmission. The 12 speed mDRIVE is the company’s automated manual transmission which delivers a smooth driveline and takes the effort out of changing gears so you can concentrate on the road ahead.

Other key features for the Super-Liner include Mack PowerLeash for improved braking control and Mack GradeGripper to assist with hill starts.

Comfort Factors

Macks are legendary and despite many manufacturers moving to the ‘Euro style’, the bulldog retains much of its US heritage in the cab design. While quiet and comfortable, the cab is narrower than some of its contemporaries, the door doesn’t open to the Euro style 90 degrees but the cab is set high to provide great vision over the bulldog emblem.

The large windows and mirror sets enhance vision and are a great assistance when reversing. Both the ISRI ‘Big-Boy’ air-ride seat and the soft touch rubber grip steering wheel can be adjusted across a wide range, to ensure optimum driver comfort.

Mack offers a great range of cab options – 3 door and 4 door, mid-rise and high-rise premium sleepers and all sleepers have vertical cab extenders and four access doors and plenty of storage is standard of course.

To keep you company, the audio system includes a premium radio/CD player with Bluetooth, iPod and USB connectivity.

Hard-working Horsepower

The Mack Super-Liner is without doubt, one of the hardest working trucks on the market, with massive horsepower and torque, this model steers with ease and precision.

Mack have dealers throughout Australia and your Super-Liner can be built to suit your specific requirements. So if you’re in the heavy hauling business, it may be time to start the conversation with your Mack dealer.

Truck Finance Brokers

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