Truck Review :Hino 500 Series FE 1426 Auto

Hino 500 Series FE 1426 Auto
Capable, Comfortable, Efficient

The reliable, durable Hino 500 Series is the medium duty truck of choice for operators around the world and the FE 1426 Auto has many features which should expand that market appeal even further.

While many ‘mature’ truck drivers might find it questionable and bordering on ludicrous that there is an increasing shortage of drivers who are proficient in manual transmissions, it is a fact of life and the truck market is merely following the passenger car trend toward more models with automatic transmissions.

The Hino thinking is that this Hino FE auto, built for medium duty applications is designed to change how many operators drive their business.

Facts and Features

The Hino 500 Series FE 1426 Auto features superior acceleration, is the most powerful auto in its class and in some cases can achieve the identical payload as a much larger 16t truck.

The key feature is of course the full auto transmission with true torque converter with a lock-up clutch and the fact that it is available in four wheel base options to suit a wide range of applications. It could be said that the auto adds to safer driving as the driver can keep both hands on the wheel and concentrate on traffic and conditions, which is increasingly important on crowded metro roads.

The short 3750mm wheelbase model is suited to sweepers, small garbage and tipping bodies while the medium 4250mm is suite for higher payloads such as 8 pallet 5-5.5m pan bodies including refrigeration, tippers and bulk tanker uses.

For general freight 5.5-6.5m tilt, tautline and flat trays, the long 4850mm wheelbase is best suited and then there is the extra long, XLong, 5500mm wheelbase which combined with the Hendrickson Air bag rear suspension, is ideal for 6.5-7m bodies both tilt and flat trays.

Handling is enhanced with the 19” diameter wheels and 70 series low profile tyres and the fuel and operating efficiency is Hino’s trademark.

Power and Comfort Combine

The power is provided from the 6.4 litre in-line 5 cylinder turbo-diesel, which provides 191kw at 2400 rpm with smooth acceleration even from a standing start and a smooth ride with either the standard suspension package or the air bag rear suspension.

Driver comfort has not been overlooked with wide-opening doors, sturdy grab handles, ISRI air suspension seat, adjustable steering wheel, large side mirrors for clearer vision and anti-lock brakes.
Twin overhead lockers enhance cabin storage and the rear bench seat adapts well as a rest area – handy for those long waits to load or unload.

Comfortable and capable with chassis versatility, the Hino 500 Series FE 1426 Auto offers medium truck buyers flexibility and choice without compromising power and safety.

Hino is a well-respected name in the Australian truck market and operators can expect to be well supported with a nationwide network of service and support centres.

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