Cheap Recovery-Driving Innovation Loans

Innovation has been flagged as a major driver for the post-pandemic economic recovery. Manufacturing especially is being encouraged to grow and expand and in many cases re-establish in industries which have seen a local presence decline in recent times. Business in general is being urged to be innovative in increasing productivity and where possible, diversifying to support both its own operations and the broader economy recover from the COVID-19 economic crisis.

Innovation is traditionally associated with technology or extensive research and development. But its contemporary definition relates equally to new forms of methods and devices, new ideas and better solutions to grow business. Innovation can be interpreted in a way that suits your business.

If you’re an owner-operator you might be thinking – I pick up loads and move them to another destination, that’s your prime source of business and how could you possibly make that process more innovative? Agree, to a point. But thinking outside the square. The coronavirus crisis has provided the opportunity to reset and review old methods and search for new solutions.

For sole traders, SMEs and large fleet operators that can mean different things. That may mean changing the way you’ve previously operated, updating processes and practices, renewing equipment or investing in a new, high productivity truck. For businesses looking to start up their own delivery services to cater for new markets, it could mean purchasing your first truck.

Cheap Truck Loans

A new truck with innovative features targeted at increasing your productivity may enable you to take on new work, expand your market, diversify your business or realise cost savings. Many businesses have pivoted to new manufacturing markets and may need different modes of transporting the new goods they are producing.

Jade Truck Loans fully supports all truck buyers with cheap truck loans to drive your post-pandemic recovery and growth. Our signature cheap interest rates are the foundation of all our loans and your assurance that you’re receiving the best truck loan available.

Adopting New Processes

Infrastructure is being flagged by governments as a major force for state economic growth. This may mean new work for you but it may also put your own infrastructure in the spotlight. If you’ve been operating your business in the same ways for year, possibly with outdated systems, your ‘innovative’ move may involve investing in your internal infrastructure. Updating to state-of-the- art IT tracking and accounts systems to improve efficiency and customer relations.

You may want to consider your warehousing, docking and loading systems and practices. Are they as efficient as they could be? Are drivers waiting around too long?

Jade not only operates in the truck loans sector, we can also assist you with cheap loans for all types of equipment – IT, computer hardware and software, warehousing equipment, forklifts and other load-moving machinery.

Speak with one of our consultants about a cheap equipment loan to update your internal systems.

Changing your Lending Habits

Innovation or change for your business may mean changing the way you source your finance. If you’ve always sourced your truck loans from the bank and organised the entire process yourself, perhaps that’s what needs to change to give your business an uplift.

Banks have been under intense pressure on many fronts during the coronavirus crisis. Communications have been jammed with customers trying to contact them, branches are being temporarily closed and they have had to defer loans for many customers. Just getting in touch with your bank in post-pandemic era can be a challenge.

Changing the way you source your finance from handling it directly to using the services of an experience finance broker like Jade Truck Loans, could be the key to driving your business in the recovery phase and into the future.

Using the services of a broker saves you time, streamlines the entire loan process and provides you with a wider market choice of loan options. Jade Truck Loans has extensive experience in the trucking and transport sector and that gives us a lot of bargaining power to negotiate cheaper truck finance interest rates and better terms for our customers.

When you’re committing to a truck loan over say 7 years, every small percentage variation in the interest rate on your loan can be significant over the term of the loan.

Jade Truck Loans is an experienced Truck Finance Broker Australia - we’re not beholding to any bank or financial institution. We are accredited with many, including industry-only sources, so we have more choices to source you a better loan. Contacting Jade Truck Loans could be the best innovation for your business.

To discuss a cheap truck loan to drive economic recovery in your business, contact Jade Truck Loans 1300 000 003 and have an obligation-free conversation with one of our consultants.