Vaccine Days or Daze? What’s happening with the economy?

Once hailed as the hero, the solution, and the saving grace, the vaccine has, for some, sparked a fresh wave of confusion surrounding COVID-19, particularly concerning its implications for the economy and business prospects. A slew of issues has emerged in the ongoing discourse: disrupted supplies due to EU restrictions, vaccine nationalism, apprehensions about side effects, debates over the optimal vaccine, the rush to secure appointments, and the uncertainty about how business relief will truly unfold once the population is vaccinated or reaches herd immunity.

Our dedicated Jade editorial team remains vigilant in monitoring current matters that hold the potential to reverberate through the economy, potentially affecting business prospects for our clientele. In this article, we're providing a concise overview of various facets tied to the vaccination phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. This encompasses the latest government support initiatives for businesses, the economy's response, and other pertinent issues that bear significance and influence on truck owners, transport operators, and other vehicle purchasers.

As Australia's vaccination campaign gains momentum, all levels of government recognize that it won't yield instantaneous economic rejuvenation. With the conclusion of JobKeeper, governmental bodies are actively introducing plans, schemes, and assistance measures to bolster businesses and invigorate the economy.


The Australian Federal Government now anticipates that the vaccine roll-out across the country might extend into early 2022 for certain groups. This extended timeline is attributed to delays in securing vaccine supplies from the European Union, which is affecting the administration of second doses for specific categories of individuals.

Infrastructure Projects

Both state and federal governments remain committed to harnessing infrastructure projects as potent economic stimuli. The infusion of funds into infrastructure endeavors not only generates employment opportunities within the construction and associated sectors but also fosters a ripple effect throughout the entire supply chain ecosystem. As the workforce expands, consumer spending often experiences an uptick, effectively contributing to the overall robustness of the economy.

The infrastructure boom can be great news for work opportunities for truck owners in the construction sector. In NSW in particular, major projects are underway. The Premier, Gladys Berejiklian recently joined colleagues and project managers to commemorate the topping out of the new Prince of Wales Hospital Integrated Acute Services Building. This $780 million project in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Randwick, is a major development stage of the Randwick Campus Redevelopment.

If you're engaged in or eyeing NSW Government Tenders, you might be intrigued by an ongoing government review that aims to simplify the engagement of SMEs and local businesses in the NSW Procurement process. The NSW Government has initiated this review with the goal of streamlining the pathway for businesses to provide their services to the government.

Simultaneously, the NSW spotlight remains fixed on the development front, with the unveiling of the prospective moniker for the upcoming city "aerotropolis" adjacent to the new Western Sydney Airport. This nascent city, named Bradfield, is projected by the NSW Government to burgeon into Sydney's next key urban center, following in the footsteps of Sydney and Parramatta.

As of now, substantial expanses of this area are largely characterized by open fields, paving the way for a wealth of opportunities within construction, earthmoving, civil works, and related industries. Keeping abreast of these advancements will position you favorably to partake in the burgeoning prospects.

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Employment Figures

The Australian economy is displaying robust signs of rebounding from the far-reaching impacts of the pandemic, surpassing not only the predictions of economic experts but also the expectations of the Treasurer. The most recent employment data reveals a further decrease in unemployment figures for February 2021, building on the promising statistics seen in the preceding December quarter. While the Treasurer anticipates this positive trend to persist, he remains cautious about the scenario that may unfold in April post the cessation of JobKeeper.

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Easing Restrictions

With the implementation of vaccination efforts, states are gradually considering the easing of different restrictions. Presently, most interstate borders have reopened, undoubtedly a gratifying development for interstate truck operators who have faced numerous challenges during the pandemic. In NSW, local transport operators have received respite through the extension of certain relaxed regulations introduced during the pandemic. Notably, this includes permitting deliveries to retail establishments and premises around the clock. This adjustment could potentially lead to improved scheduling and heightened productivity for your business. However, it’s advisable to verify the precise details applicable to your region.

Expanding Work Opps: Tradies Without Borders

Truck-owning tradies are set to benefit significantly from the implementation of new legislation in NSW. This legislation aims to facilitate the operations of tradespeople and other licensed workers across state borders more seamlessly. Referred to as “tradies without borders,” the formal name for this fresh nationwide initiative is Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR). This scheme was reportedly endorsed by the National Cabinet and is scheduled to take effect on 1 July 2021.

NSW Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet said this was a major advancement to cut the burden of licensing fees and registration rules for occupational licensees that operate in different states and territories.

Capturing the Opportunities

The economic indicators in Australia are showing a much more positive trajectory than initially anticipated. With the vaccine rollout gaining momentum, there’s a likelihood of heightened consumer and business confidence. It’s important to note that certain sectors, particularly aviation and tourism, may remain affected until international travel is fully restored. The prospect of a travel bubble involving Singapore, New Zealand, and Fiji has been hinted at, making it an area to keep a close eye on for further developments. If you’re considering investments in your business, such as acquiring new trucks, you can use tools like Calculate Truck Loan Repayments to estimate how these decisions might impact your finances in the long term.

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