Tipping the Dirt on Truck Loans

If you're in the market for a new or used tipper truck, then you're also in the market for a great tipper truck finance deal. Deciding on which truck may be a difficult decision. But deciding on your financier and finalising the deal definitely doesn't have to be. At Jade Truck Loans we’re the experts when it comes to all types of truck finance we’re going to deliver the good soil on what we have to offer and tip the dirt on some of the other options you may be considering.

Tippers are the stalwart vehicle of the construction and building industry, mining and resources, general cartage, landscaping, excavations, demolitions and civil works across the country. Jade Truck Loans has been supporting solo operators, medium sized business and large scale fleets with the best truck loan deals for many years and we intend to keep doing that – you can be assured, we've got your back!

New, Nearly New, Used – Consider the Options

On the new tipper truck scene, the 2018 Hino FS-700 Series is maintaining its enviable reputation for comfort, reliability and affordability in the heavy truck market with its Hino 13 litre engines and purpose-designed driveline. Hino covers all markets and their 2018 range also includes 300 series and 500 series tipper models for the medium-small workloads which require easy manoeuvrability to/from the multitude of urban construction zones.

Another contender in the heavy duty market is the ever popular Freightliner Coronado 114, which is made specifically for the Australian market and is built to handle those extreme conditions, especially in the resource sector applications.

If brand new is too far a stretch for your budget, many dealers throughout Australia offer a great selection 'near new' tipper truck models. The 2016 and 2017 Fuso Canter might be more in your price range for a mid-sized model or consider the 2017 Isuzu FSD manual tipper.

Buying from the used tipper truck market requires more research and due diligence, especially if you're buying privately. But your Jade Truck Loan consultant is quite prepared to provide assistance with a number of issues in this regard, just ask! A quick look online and you have your pick from as far back as 20 year old workhorses to more recent 5-10 year old vehicles.

Soil versus Dirt - Tipper Trucks

Soil nurtures growth and dirt, well, it does have its uses but by sheer definition, its waste.

That's how we at Jade Truck Loans see the truck finance market. We offer our customers the good soil – great truck finance deals – to grow their business. Whether you're working solo, wanting to get a truck and start a new business and have no docs or even bad credit or whether you're a fleet operator with tippers working across the country. We can source the best loan, at the best interest rates from hundreds of loans as we are accredited with leading lenders.

We offer the full range of commercial truck finance packages – lease, chattel mortgage, loan – and will advise you, which we consider is best for you.

On the other hand, you're other options are primarily the bank and a finance company. One call to them and in many cases they won't have a specific loan category for trucks, let alone tippers. Banks and finance companies don't have the flexibility that, as a broker, Jade has. They will steer you into one of the standard loan packages, whether it is suitable for you or not. And if you have credit issues or no docs, then get ready to be seriously penalised with the interest rates. Then there are the fees and charges and all specific checklists you have to pass before they will even consider your application.

OK, we've spent enough of your time on that, the bottom line is, Jade Truck Loans is a specialist truck finance broker with a long history of supporting people like you to get into the truck of their choice. Buy from a dealer, a private sale, new, used – whatever the tipper you select, we'll offer you our best finance deal straight up.

So get on the road and back to work faster by calling Jade Truck Loans on 1300 000 003 and start the conversation. For a ballpark, check out our online truck loan calculator.