Safety on Focus in New Models

Safety is paramount in the trucking industry. Drivers and operators have both strict legal and moral obligations to do their utmost to protect themselves, other road users, their vehicle and the cargo they are carrying. That means ensuring their vehicle is well-maintained to the highest safety standards and wherever possible, operating vehicles with the exceptional safety features to support the driver.

Truck manufacturers have significantly increased the safety features on their vehicles and new innovations and technology are continually being incorporated into new releases.

We singled out a few new models in the light duty truck class that have a particular focus on safety and new heavy duty vehicle for special mention in our showcase.

Pre-Release Peek: New Hino 300

Even before the mid-July 2020 release, the new Hino 300 was already capturing the attention of the motoring media. We share the pre-release information that we’ve managed to source so you can start thinking if the new 300 may be the right vehicle to add to your fleet or replace your existing truck.

The current Hino 300 Series is highly regarded as efficient, comfortable and a big performer in the light-duty class. But the new series is tipped to have safety features which have not been included on trucks in this class before. Hino apparently has said that the new 300 will include the most comprehensive safety inclusions of any Japanese light truck manufacturer on the market in Australia.

For the exact details of what this safety package includes will be revealed in full in the specs on release. But we hear it includes a pre-collision system which has autonomous emergency braking as well as reverse camera amongst many other inclusions.

You could possibly imagine the new safety features and other upgrades that Hino unveiled on the 500 Series in 2019 may be mirrored in the new 300 Series.

You may have to wait for the release of new vehicles to actually have an up-close and test drive but you don’t have to wait to organise your truck finance.

Your Jade Truck Loans consultant can arrange pre-approved finance so you are organised and ‘first-in-line’ to order new models as they roll into the showrooms.

New Isuzu N Series

Another new release which has a particular focus on safety is the Isuzu NMR 60/150 N Series range. This series has been launched in response to industry demand especially in the trade, waste, freight and essential services sector. This 60/150 model, replaces the 55/150 and brings an extra 500kg payload in a compact, narrow cab design.

Safety has always been a feature of Isuzu trucks, known especially for their driver vision features, and this new narrower cabin enhances the capabilities. Add to that – driver and passenger airbags, sound ergonomics, a cab compliant with ECE-R29, the manufacturer’s electronic stability control features, as well as anti-skid regulator and the safety factor has definitely been addressed.

This new N Series is available in two wheelbases – short and medium - and two GVMs so it will suit a wide range of applications. If it sounds like the truck to meet the challenges that you are facing in your operation, give Jade Truck Loans a call about sorting your finances.

Fuso Shogun

If you’re in the market for a heavy duty truck, the 2020 Fuso Shogun has been available since June and worth a look. The manufacturer considers this quite a revolutionary model for both themselves and the heavy duty Japanese truck market in Australia. It also features advanced safety inclusions such as advanced emergency braking, a system to monitor driver fatigue and lane departure warning. Available in 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4.

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