EOFY, SOFY Deals, News and Offers

EOFY, end of financial year and SOFY, start of financial year, are to business what Christmas is to kids. Plenty of specials, deals and new models available to take advantage of to drive your business. The trucking business is no different, though 2020 is definitely different! The coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis has thrown a curve ball at most businesses, with differing impacts and outcomes.

While some sectors of transport have thrived, others have not done so well. But with the Reserve Bank Governor saying he thought the hit to the economy may not be as bad as initially thought, we consider now is the time to make a move and give your business an uplift with some of the great offers available.

EOFY and Clearance Sales

It happens every year so it’s time to get in quick and check out what your favourite truck manufacturer has on offer. The Government announced its Instant Asset Write Off relief package early in the COVID-19 crisis but the deadline to take advantage of this – 30 June 2020.

If you didn’t get in fast enough, look to getting set up for the start of the 2020/21 tax year with a workable truck loan solution from Jade Truck Loans to support your business plans.

We took a speed browse around the net and came up with a few EOFY deals and other offers:

  • Renault has some great incentives on light commercials
  • FUSO, a favourite across a wide range of vehicles, has a number of offers.
  • Mitsubishi has announced very competitive pricing on its Express.
  • European truck manufacturers have been hit hard on European truck sales due to the more serious impact of coronavirus. So look out for great deals from Aussie dealers representing Euro brands.
  • In May, the Federal Government announced it would cancel the proposed increase on the fuel tax for trucks. This ‘road user charge’ was to be increased by 2.5% on 1 July 2020 and another 2.5% on 1 July 2021. But now, good news, the rate will stay at current levels for now.

At Jade Truck Loans, we of course don’t wait for EOFY, SOFY or any other time of year to offer great deals. Our cheap truck loan offer is on the table every month and every year.

New Model Releases

Kenworth launched its all-new T410 SAR in May 2020 to expand their range and offering. It combines the best of cab-over and a conventional truck.

The new Hino 300 Series hits dealerships July 2020 and is set to be as popular as earlier models. Safety inclusions head the list of new features. Check it out at

Mercedes-Benz has released its new Actros which features mirror technology in a first for Australia along with plenty of other new features. The mirrors have cameras. Check out the range

The Outlook

With that COVID-19 curve flattened and restrictions eased, economic analysis and narrative centres around whether the economic recovery will be a snap back, a V-shape, a U-shape or even a W-shape. We’re optimistic and have confidence in our Aussie business customers that they’ll put in a massive effort to work towards that snap back.

We’ve seen good signs in recent months and lenders are offering good deals on truck finance.

Cheap Truck Loan Deals

Light commercial vans are some of the busiest vehicles on the road. Versatile vehicles for all types of delivery work and many other business applications. Owners usually work them hard and expect a good return on their investment. Getting a cheap truck loan on your light commercial is important to achieving your projected ROI, but also is seeking out a good value van. Better Interest Rate Refinancing can further enhance the financial benefits of your investment.

We are still sourcing the best interest rates and structuring cheap truck loans to specifically suit individual business requirements. So you’re assured that your Jade truck loan will be designed to work towards a successful 2020/21 and beyond for your business.

So check out the truck dealer EOFY offers and new releases and give us a call.

To discuss a cheap truck loan to get your business moving, contact Jade Tuck Loans 1300 000 003 and talk with our consultants.