Western Star 6900 FXC

Tough, heavy duty for the heaviest duties

Performance, handling and ride quality are just some of the reasons that some owners give for selecting the Western Star 6900 FXC as their choice to handle their tough applications. But there are many more, as the Western Star 6900 FXC is a seriously tough truck which is easy on the driver with spacious cabin and sleeping area.

Heavy Duty Applications

The Western Star 6900 FXC is specifically built for heavy duty applications in Australia’s rough, tough environment with the reliability needed when operating in remote areas.For B-triple road train tankers, livestock cartage, heavy duty mining, logging – the 6900 FXC is built to handle the toughest demands. The range of options offered by Western Star allow operators to set up their 6900 FXC to best suit their own requirements.

Selection of power plants is offered to ensure profitability for the operator including Cummins and Signature, driveline options – Dana Spicer or Meritor with the frame built from heat treated alloy steel. Tough technology is incorporated throughout the 6900 FXC with high quality componentry from leading names such as TRW, Meritor, Wabco and Westinghouse.

Extra strength is built into the chassis rails to handle the roughest tracks, while negotiating narrow creek crossings and the twists and turns across the country is handled with ease.

Multiple Stars for Driver Comfort

Western Star have been building trucks since 1967 with driver consideration of the utmost importance in their company mission. This is clearly evident in the many features of the 6900 FXC which provide comfort and driving ease for the driver.

The cabin is spacious and extremely well appointed with much appreciated attention to detail down to the convex screen on the gauges which enables improved visibility. The seats are very comfortable, fitted with armrest and with generous space between passenger and driver. The driver’s seat is set high to provide a commanding view of the road ahead. The National 2000 high back driver’s seat is fully adjustable so each individual can find their optimal driving position.

Western Star truly show their understanding of a driver’s life – the regulation and recording of driving hours and that many long haul operators have to live in their vehicles for extended periods. The very spacious Stratosphere ‘walk through’ sleeper cab is available in a number of options, which provide plenty of room to stand up, stretch out and include creature comforts for more beneficial rest periods. And plenty of storage throughout.

Considered Return on Investment

While the creature comforts are important, operators must consider profitability, productivity and return on their investment when choosing a heavy duty truck. Western Star consider all those factors, building trucks with ease of servicing and cleaning, reliability built into every aspect and proven durability and performance over the long haul

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