Benefits of Using a Finance Broker

While many people think going directly to the bank or a lender is the best option for finance, there are many benefits, both monetary and non-monetary, to using a finance broker.

For a start, you get a very personalised and customised level of service. As an experienced finance broker, Jade Finance is interested only in sourcing you the best loan available and continuing to provide support and additional services to assist you achieve your financial goals.

Getting the Support You Need

With bush fires devastating many areas of Australia and impacting individuals, business and communities, we extend our condolences to those affected and our gratitude and admiration to all emergency services. If you or your business has been impacted and you need assistance with finance, please don’t hesitate in contacting us to discuss your situation. As always, we are offering professional expertise and support for both existing and new customers.

If you have been impacted directly by the bush fires, we are available to assist you expedite your recovery. If you currently have a personal or business loan organised through Jade and need assistance, you can contact the lender directly or call Jade. Even if you have lost documents in the fires, we can provide you with replacement documentation which may be required for insurance purposes.

For new customers, Jade consultants are ready to assist you with the best interest rates and best loans and business finance possible so you can replace lost cars, trucks, business equipment, boats and caravans as quickly as possible.

While a bank is limited to sourcing you a loan product from only their portfolio, as a broker, Jade is not restricted by such a limited choice. We are accredited with many many  banks and lenders which represent over 400 individual loan products.

Our lenders do include all the big 4 banks that you would be familiar as well as other institutions that you may consider approaching yourself. But having us as your broker source your loan through these lenders rather than do it yourself, has many advantages. Most significantly, our expert negotiating skills and our bargaining power, which are your assurance that we are sourcing you the best offer.

Your Jade consultant is a fully trained professional who can understand and explain the fine-print to you and highlight the variances between loans from different lenders. Expertise which could mean the difference between us sourcing you a great loan and you sourcing yourself a ‘not-as-good’ deal.

Fast and Flexible Quote and Loan Approval

If you have experienced a crisis or emergency of any kind or just need to move quickly, as brokers, we can expedite the loan process to meet your schedule. We have an extremely streamlined operation and offer a fast approvals process and pre-approved loans.

When applying personally, banks and lenders will expect you to meet their sometimes stringent loan conditions. If you don’t tick all their boxes, your application is likely to be rejected or you will be offered a loan at a higher interest rate to cover their perceived risk.

Brokers have greater flexibility to both source the lender that suits YOUR profile and requirements as well as negotiate the loan conditions that suit YOUR budget. This may mean varying the term of the loan, reducing the monthly repayment, organising no-deposit terms or varying the residual payment.

Chattel Mortgage, Leasing and CHP

For business customers, your Jade broker offers invaluable assistance in explaining the different commercial finance products – Chattel Mortgage, Leasing, Cargo Van Leasing, and CHP – and which is best for you.

Reduce Stress, Save Time

Whether you're in a crisis scenario or just dealing with normal life circumstances, applying for and organizing a loan, such as a Chattel Truck Mortgage Loan, can be a stressful experience. Understanding how Chattel Truck Mortgage Loan works can be worrying, especially when taking time off work to handle the paperwork. You may be wondering if you have been offered the best deal or concerned that you fully understand the details while also dealing with the other side of the transaction – the actual purchase of the car, truck, boat, caravan, or business equipment.

Whether you’re approaching your new year major purchase from an exciting, positive position or amidst a crisis scenario, your Jade truck finance broker offers you benefits and advantages which ensure you secure the best loan deal possible. If you have any questions or require assistance with a personal loan or business finance, please call a Jade consultant for a confidential, non-obligation discussion.